Telecommunication Towers

Geotechnical Testing & Inspections (GTI) has completed over a thousand cellular monopole, self-support and guyed towers in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, and Utah. Some of our clients included: Crown Castle International, Sprint, US West, Western Wireless, Pactel, Southern Pacific Bell, LA Cellular, American Tower Corporation, Nextel, AT&T, Divine Tower Corporation, Specialty Constructors, etc.

We are also very familiar with the following pole manufacturers: Valmont, Rohn, Falcon, Hemphill, Summit, Whitco, Microflect, Stellar Communications, etc. The key members of GTI are very familiar with this type of construction, and the environmental support which is needed for a successful site selection. Our engineers, geologists, scientists, and technicians share the team concept to provide quality work, executed on time, and within budget.

This map shows the states were members of the firm have worked, and the states were GTI has professional registered engineers.

Some of the services GTI provides for telecommunication include:

  • Geotechnical
  • Environmental
  • Foundation Design
  • Special Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing

GTI utilizes a non-destructive testing known as Pulse Echo Testing or Pier Integrity Testing (PIT) to evaluate the depth of an existing drilled pier.

This testing is accomplished utilizing a low strain Integrity Testing Procedure in general accordance with ASTM D-5882 “Standard Test Method for Low Strain Integrity Testing of Piles”. This method consists of mounting accelerometers (gages) on the concrete foundation top, and then striking the concrete foundation with hand-held precision hammers. The waves created by the blow propagate up and down the foundation’s length with the reflections being recorded an stored on a digital storage oscilloscope each time they pass the gage.

The data is then analyzed by digital signal processing techniques using special software.

The analysis permits computation of the velocities of individual frequencies comprising the waves and for the time needed for them to travel from the gages to the bottom of the concrete and back. A sketch of the procedure used is shown above. The photographs on the right shows the temporary mounting of the accelerometers to the top of the concrete pier.

This analysis yields a computation for the foundation’s embedment length and in general provides qualitative condition (i.e. whether any major voids, fractures, cracking, necking, soil inclusions, etc. exist in the drilled pier). The foundation’s vertical dimension is computed as the product of frequency velocity and the corresponding time required for travel.

A typical print out of the Pulse Echo Testing is shown below.

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